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Autumn Valerius

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Lucus Earl Lucus Earl Lucus Earl
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For so long I never knew that I could ever meet someone quite like you.
[u]Lucus Uff Ryan Earl[/u]
[b][i]Ravenclaw|6th year|16|Profile[/b][/i]
Luke likes to think he's cool, but he's not and some people can see through that. He loves to flirt with basically all girls (4th year and over). He's nervous around a lot of animals if he doesn't know them, the exceptions being dragons and particularly 'interesting' creatures. He works out by playing beater, which he now plays as for the Ravenclaw team. He is dating Alexandra Pace, his best friends are Petra Connor, Roderick Pendragon and Sophia Kincaide.
[b]What he's looking for:[/b]
[b]Friends:[/b] Luke has a selection of very best friends but this can grow. As for close friends and aquaintances, you can never really have enough, right?
[b]Enemies:[/b] Luke needs these and people who don't like him in general. I don't really know what to suggest here, he'd hold geeks and people who can see through his reputation at arms length. Also, he used to be a kind of passive bully (as in he didn't start the bullying but he might pile onto others' bullying, laugh along or just ignore the bullying going on if he came across it) so people who know that probably don't like him. Even though he doesn't do that now.
[b]Romance:[/b] Luke is [i]so[/i] spoken for but if you want your character to have a crush on him then he's quite egotastical and would probably love it. He'd flirt too. I don't know, there's chance here of things but nothing serious and anything more than flirting would have to fit with Alexus. [b]Other stuff:[/b] Luke is looking for a tutoring plot to help with pre-clash stuff! (and fun in general) He's not the smartest though, so they'd have to be young and learning his best subjects (Astronomy/History of magic/maybe COMC). I don't know what else you can think of, but please share if you have ideas.
[u]Autumn Valerius[/u]
[b][i]Gryffindor[/i] || [i]7th year[/i] || [i]17[/i] || [i]Profile[/b][/i]
Autumn is a bit of a loner. She dresses brightly and is always doing something [s]stupid[/s]adventurous without any real thought to her safety. Her best friends are Jericho Thatcher and Michael Witte. She really needs a bit of everything to grow as a character.
[b]What she's looking for:[/b]
[b]Friends:[/b] Autumn needs more interaction with people in general, she's always in the ground or around the school and rarely in one place for two days running. So wherever your character likes to hang out, she will probably hang around there someday. She's a nice person [i]when[/i] she can think of something to say.
[b]Enemies:[/b] Autumn ditched most of her friends in her third year, so some of those might hold a grudge against her. Also, people might just dislike her in general, she is quite away with the fairies, some people don't like that. She stands up to bullies, so might become bullied as a result? I don't know. Someone needs to not like her really.
[b]Romance:[/b] Autumn has something going on with Moth right now, I believe. I don't know how long this will last though or how long it will take to really get started. So this is still quite open to discussion at least. [b]Other stuff:[/b] Autumn is rarely ordinary, so I expect she will have some relationships that wont fit into the previous catagories. I don't know what.
In the words of Maison, LOVE ME!
[u]Caera Heddwyn Ailbe Rionach Muireann[/u]
[b][i]Slytherin|4th year|14|Profile[/b][/i]
Caera is a young, friendly girl suffering the effects of a troubled past. I don't yet really know her, especially if you consider how much I knew my other characters when they joined WURR. So, I need to explore, I need to stretch her and most of all I need to build her up. [b]What she's looking for:[/b]
[b]Friends:[/b] Caera is very friendly and incredibly protective over those closest to her. However, she's easily manipulated so she'll also have those who she believes to be friends but aren't.
[b]Enemies:[/b] Caera is dull, I expect the majority of the people who dislike her probably just think she's boring. However, others are sure to dislike her for other reasons too.
[b]Romance:[/b] Caera wants happily ever after, so she is definately looking for romance plots. She's still young and naive so I hope there'll be sufficient drama XD Also, someone special might be what she needs to get out of her comfort zone.
[b]Other stuff:[/b] I don't know, but other stuff is most definately welcome too!
Caera Heddwyn Ailbe Rionach Muireann
“Take a bite of my heart tonight”
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Yes, Lizzy and Luke are back!!
I hope you liked him the first time because he's just as smug as ever and pretty much completely the same with wanting to make all of your characters like him. If anyone would like a prefect Luke related thread then just PM me or post in my plotter :)
Before we get down to business though, I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Lily for being such an amazing Summer prefect! Lily will still be around the site with her characters, of course, and we need to smother her with love whenever she's around! Never-the-less we will miss her as prefect, she was awesome as she always is!

This thread will be for the autumn
term announcements!

Skye Valerius
Any problem can be solved between people if only they can trust each other.
Age: 16
Playby: Madison Leisle
House: Any but Gryffindor
Bloodstatus: Half-blood
-Liked stories as a child

Skye is Autumn's younger sister, by one year. As children, they were very close and so I have a bit of history that would need to be discussed, although pretty much all of it is open to discussion. Unfortunately, I've had Autumn for almost 2 years now, I think, on 2 sites and Skye has existed with her (but has never been played except as an NPC) so she is a bit more together than I'd have usually given up, so that you could've built her up more for yourself, but I'm open to things changing too.

♣ Skye was a late bloomer, magic-wise. She was 10 when she first showed signs of magic, just one to two weeks before she turned 11.

♣ I've never played Skye with any disabilities, these are totally up to you.

♣ They live in Oxfordshire. Their living situation and magical-family history are pretty much sorted, so sorry if you had any input on that, but still mention it and we can see if they fit together somehow.

♣ There is one big plotline I'd really like to play out revolving around the family, which would be much easier if Skye was being played. Which would of course guarantee posts with Autumn (as there would be anyway) but also a chance to stir up Skye and her character, quite drastically if you'd like to, including her relationship with Autumn and everything if you wanted.
Check it out everyone! Our WURR resident Cam has got a new Ravenclaw! Please welcome [b]Pavel Volkov[/b] and of course Cam, who is always around but is now one of us!
[s]One of us, one of us![/s]

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