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Dear Skye,
An Autumn owl.

Hi Skye, school is great. Have you shown any magic yet? I wonder what house you'll be in. Blah blah blah, I attach a drawing from Tacey blah blah.

Yey, I really like this owl! When it's long it looks great :D

I like rainbows and ponies, and cats and dogs and ferrets and colours.

Leo's gunna paint my forehead, and Lux is going to be a friend.

Leo probably will be a friend too, if Lizzy gets her way. I don't know who Lizzy is, some guy in the sixth year seems to have taken on a religious cult thing where he looks to the roof and says WHYY LIZZY WHYYY! unless he's with Alex, then he likes to put a thumbs up to the ceiling, the freak!

Now, who wants to help me put plants in the swimming pool?

I'm practising my formatting and rubbish, so bare with me while I talk rubbish throughout this whole blog-like thing. It's not really a blog though, just formatting and rubbish. Anyone like nursery rhymes? No? Me neither. But Oranges and Lemons is cute and sad. Except it's not sad, read private peaceful by Michael Morpurgo, then it'll be sad. While you're at it, read the butterfly lion too. Just saying. It's awesome. And you will forever adore white lions.

Dear Joe
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Mr. Right